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Read "in their own words" how others have described this experience in their lives.

"Mr. Ford,

I enjoyed the prep classes taught on Wednesdays. They taught me a few things that helped on my ACT.  The class also reminded me of things that I learned during middle school and freshman year.  This was extremely crucial in my success on the ACT.  Without your help and these weekly classes, I do not believe I would have scored a 30 on the ACT.  These classes and the use of your notebook were very helpful and there should be something similar spread throughout the nation to high schoolers!"  Ross G  

"Dear Mr. Ford,

The Notebook that I received from you has helped me improve my grades in all my classes. I really love the World map for Social Studies and use it all the time and the English & Grammar reference has helped me so much in that class. This Notebook as made me feel much more positive about going to school and I thank you and appreciate your help getting me to use this at my school!"      Alicia T

"The High School Guide Notebook has helped me in so many ways. I really like how my notes are organized and I can find my assignments right away."  Thanks!      Marcus C.

"This Notebook helps me learn better and keeps everything in order. I would recommend it to all students & teachers!"  :)     Anna C.