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My Story

For as long as I can remember I have been referred to as a leader by others -  with my passion centered around helping others see their own inner strengths and abilities. This is in part due to my own life’s journey and lessons I have learned…that not unlike others has been filled with adversity and tough times over the years.

Sure college was tough, I mean I could not afford it and yet that did not stop me from completing my degree. My career as an officer in the United States Army for nearly 23 years, enhanced my abilities to overcome obstacles on my life. More importantly, I was able to witness how people all over the world handled adversity, and how patterns emerged among those individuals who accomplished great things in spite of their lives.

I think what still surprises me most is how uncomplicated or at first glance, “simple” the answer appears. But don’t be fooled, the lessons outlined here and underlying this program are difficult at best. But hard isn’t impossible and
no one is destined for failure “just because” but rather, they lack the right training and tools to transform their lives. Our program will help individuals struggling with the disruptions and distractions of everyday life, by providing the organization and skills necessary to succeed for the rest of your life!

All the Best,

Bill Ford
President/CEO of The Ford Group