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  Guide Notebook Program


The following is an overview for any individual or institution interested in using the High School Guide Notebook®. While your project would be based on specific needs and objectives identified, the steps outlined below show who and to what extent each relevant party is involved.

  • Meet & discuss Program
  • Determine goals & relevant subjects to be included
  • Identify process & outcome objectives
  • Establish agreement for services to begin
  • Arrange to meet others!


  • Review Guide Notebook principles/plans for use
  • Discuss expectations of themselves & all parties
  • Clarify roles and levels of involvement
  • Submit written agreement committing to the process/students

  • Meet with staff & learn about using the Guide Notebook 
  • Identify subjects & content area to include
  • Personalize your Notebook with a picture
  • Submit your written commitment to use the Guide Notebook